Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lesbians work hot at each other

They love playing with their titties.
Suck at it.
Lick their slits.
Eat their pussies.
Help each other reach repeated orgasms.
Still, they make no babies together.
So, who said make Love not Babies.

These girls are worth watching

I love oral sex so much

My man likes his cum going straight and simply in my mouth.
I, too, love this as much as he.
So does my pussy.
Still no problem, both of them get plenty of it.
At least six times a week.
I know he also feeds his cum to some more ladies.
So do I.
I too, have a number of pussy eaters forever craving for my pussy.
They don't feel like getting enough of it.
You are welcome to drop by, any day or night you may choose.
I'm sure you love the experience for the rest of your life.

I love lesbian fucking, too

Now my brother wants to sleep with me

It was a very wet evening last year.
I met my friend at the bus-stand and asked him to come over to my room if he 'wished'. But when we reached at the place, all wet and horny, we were in for a surprise.
My brother had came visiting without notice and was waiting for me at the locked door.
His eyes told me what he was thinking about us. He just smiled and asked if he, too, could come inside.
Why not?
Please visit again to get the full details of what transpired between me and my friend that eventful night.
On the sideways, I let my brother to enjoy me sexually to keep him from spilling the beans.
But now he wants to sleep with me regularly.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Your Better & Bolder Sex Mate is back

Hi friends!
Welcome back to your improved and real non-commercial sex blog.
Keep visiting.
We, a team of two sex crazies, assure you of good material and great fun.